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Workshop management system

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Objective: due to the global Wei Technology SMT workshop requires dust, anti-static, requires a very strict. In order to maintain the good order of production and SMT workshop production environment, improve production efficiency, ensure the normal operation of the production system, production of electronic products to protect against electrostatic and man-made damage, combined with the actual situation of the company to set up the system.

Scope: all employees and managers in the workshop.

The first to enter the global Wei Technology SMT workshop staff and all levels of managers must wear anti-static overalls, anti-static helmet, anti-static shoes. Leave the workshop (such as Restroom, eat a meal) shall work clothes, hats, shoes into the wardrobe, and put on their clothes from the workshop; non personnel to enter the labor workers wear off clothing, hats, shoes, left into the wardrobe, guest.

Second shall not touch the bare hand PCB board, with anti-static gloves or anti-static bracelet to touch the PCB board.

Third employees should work according to the global SMT Wei technology schedule, work time schedule (staff shall participate in the early to arrive 5 minutes in advance), do not be late, do not leave early, not absenteeism, need to leave in charge, work must line up and punch. No work, no overtime. No meeting, training, no late, leave early and will not be. According to the company attendance management system.

The fourth implementation of the system will be early every day, at 8 o'clock in the morning by the SMT supervisor presided over the production meeting, summed up the previous day production process problems, arrange the production of the day and should pay attention to the problem. During the meeting, the staff should speak up and solve problems together.

Any fifth people work within half an hour not for private and proposed post, such as personal shall post, shall be subject to the prior application approved by the registration work, leaving time should not exceed 15 minutes, every 5 times to leave absenteeism 1 days off.

Sixth is prohibited in the workshop to chat, play, private telephone calls, to undergo Gang behavior such as channeling (Note: refers to the left punch after away from work or personal affairs; channeling post is the work time sneaked into the work of others do has nothing to do with work), according to the company's reward system treatment of offenders.

Seventh of the staff positions should keep their regional health, strict implementation of 6S standards (cleaning, cleaning, consolidation, safety, quality), any work table shall have solder paste residue (solder paste should not stick to the PCB where welding is easy to cause scrap). Should be responsible for their respective areas before the end of the work, the succession of personnel found no clean, succession personnel have the right to request the re cleaning.

Eighth SMT machine shop price is very expensive, each post in operator training and examination before appointment. If it is not in accordance with the standard operating procedures lead to damage to the machine, will be damaged by a certain percentage of compensation. Not familiar with the machine alarm, not allowed to operate the machine, should promptly ask the technician; the same technician is not familiar with, should promptly ask the supervisor.

Ninth without permission or unrelated with factory business, employees will be allowed to leave the company for personal. Non working hours employees are not allowed to enter the workshop. No person shall carry prohibited articles, dangerous goods or articles unrelated to the production, and shall not put them on the assembly line.

The tenth part of the SMT system using two shifts, as a result of the time did not set the foreman, foreman duties temporarily by the technician. Technicians are solely responsible for workshop discipline, production, employees must obey. Shift Technician is the first responsible person, if there are no special circumstances, and not in accordance with the production plan, responsible will be held accountable. To night encounter malfunction and quality problems such as superiors, should promptly contact SMT supervisor.

Eleventh QC in the inspection of the PCB, in the same position for more than 3 times bad, need to find a technician to do the countermeasures, in an hour, there is a bad 25PCS, QC have the right to stop production, the technical staff requirements. At the same time, technicians should also be on a regular basis to understand the situation after the stove, so that the bad to the minimum.

Twelfth of the position operator and technician to complete the daily production report truthfully report, will conduct weekly summary, summarizes the problems, weekly meetings, seek countermeasures, continuous improvement, reduce the problems in the production process, and ultimately achieve high efficiency and high quality production.

On the thirteenth principles of things on duty done, shall not be left to the next class, namely: all PCB QC should be checked on production; repair should repair the end of the day's bad PCB; after welding welding end number of personnel should focus every day. Special circumstances, should be transferred to the staff to explain the reasons.

Fourteenth whether PCB is finished or finished patch is semi-finished products, must be put in the electrostatic tray, any operation may force collision PCB, prevent off part or cause PCB copper, resulting in scrap PCB. Semi manufactured goods and finished products shall not be confused.

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