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What factors should be considered in the design of the SMT chip in the printed circuit board

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Layout requirements of printed circuit boards used in SMT processing

Factors to be considered in mechanical design:

1) suitable for printed circuit board production of the best panel size;

(2) the position of the panel mounting hole, the bracket, the splint, the clip, the shielding box and the radiator;

3) suitable fixture for heavier components;

4) suitable aperture for component installation;

5 assembly of the circuit board in the transport process to have compression and seismic resistance;

6) circuit board assembly (vertical / horizontal mounting);

7) cooling method;

In general, the choice of single or double sided board must meet the most effective cost utilization. According to the experience, the double sided printed boards with plated through holes cost 5 -10 times as much as a single panel. Similarly, the components of the assembly cost is also an important aspect to consider, assembling a single-sided printed circuit board components (manual) the cost is about 25% of the cost of the circuit board -50%, and assemble a PTH double-sided printed circuit board components, the cost is 15% of the cost of -30% the. The printed circuit board not only provides mechanical support, but also plays a connecting role on the components installed on it. Therefore, it is necessary for the designer of the printed circuit board (PCB) to understand the physical dimensions of the panel (the size of the outer frame), the location of the mounting hole, the height limit and the relevant details. Printed circuit boards

Double sided board: double-sided board can also be used without using PTH. Because the PTH board is expensive, it will be used when the complexity and density of the circuit is required. In the layout design, the number of wires on the surface of the component must be kept at least to ensure easy access to the required materials. In the PTH board, plated through holes are used only for electrical connections but not for the installation of components. The number of holes should be kept to a minimum for economic and reliability considerations. To select single or double panel board, a very important point, must consider the components of the surface area (C), and its total area of printed circuit board (S) is an appropriate constant proportion, which is useful for installation of components. It is worth noting that "US" usually refers to the area on the side of the panel. Lists the most common printed circuit board S: C ratio range. The value can be used as a design criterion, which provides a criterion for the selection of the wire width, the pad diameter and the minimum residual space.

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