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Is the process of SMT chip processing complex?

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SMT chip processing process is very complicated, so many people will see this opportunity, opened the factory after studying SMT chip processing technology, especially in the Shenzhen electronics industry is very mature, SMT processing has caused a certain scale of the industry, and many units will fine technological requirements Shenzhen SMT chip processing plant for processing. So what are the precautions for SMT patch processing?

When SMT processing must pay attention to the electrostatic discharge measures, it mainly includes the design of SMT chip and re established standards, but also in the SMT chip processing for electrostatic discharge sensitive, and corresponding treatment and protection measures is very important. If these standards are not clear, you can refer to the relevant documents to learn.

When the SMT chip processing more fully meet the above criteria of welding technology in welding, when usually applied to ordinary welding and manual welding and other related measures, need to adopt the welding technology and the standard for SMT processing and can refer to the welding technology assessment handbook. Of course, there are a number of high technical content of the SMT chip processing plant on the need to process the product for 3D construction, so that the effect will be achieved after processing standards, and its appearance will be more perfect.

In the SMT chip processing welding technology is the cleaning measures, in the time of cleaning is also required to strictly in accordance with the standards, or the security of the SMT patch processing is not guaranteed. Therefore, the choice of the type of cleaning agent and the nature of the cleaning requirements, but also need to take into account the cleaning process and equipment as well as the integrity of the process and safety.

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