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What is the temperature resistance of PCB circuit board?

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PCB circuit board production process in order to ensure the quality of the circuit board, the need for reliability and adaptability test. PCB circuit board temperature resistance test, in order to prevent the PCB circuit board at high temperature, such as the emergence of plate, bubble, delamination and other adverse reactions, resulting in poor product quality or directly scrapped, is the need to pay attention to the problem. So PCB circuit board temperature is how much, how to do heat resistance test? Following with the state technician to know about it:


The temperature problem of PCB circuit board and its raw materials, solder paste, surface parts under temperature, usually the highest PCB circuit board high temperature 300 degrees 5-10 seconds; over lead-free wave soldering temperature is about 260, a lead is about 240 degree.

PCB circuit board heat resistance test:

1, first prepare tin plate, PCB plate production line.

Sampling 10*10cm substrate (or pressure plate, finished plate) 5pcs; (including copper substrate without bubble stratification).

Substrate: 10cycle above; pressure plate: LOW CTE 150 10cycle; HTg material above 10cycle; Normal material above 5cycle.

Finished board: LOW CTE 150 5cycle; HTg material above 5cycle; Normal material above 3cycle.

2, set the furnace temperature is 288+/-5 degrees, and the contact temperature measurement correction;

3, first with a soft brush dipped in flux, and apply it to the surface, and then take the test board Gou crucible clamp buccal immersion tin, timed 10sec removed after cooling to room temperature, there is no bubble burst in visual appearance, this is 1cycle;

4, if the surface is found to have a bubble burst problem, immediately stop the immersion tin analysis blasting point f/m, if no problem, and then continue to cycle until the explosion plate, with 20 times as the end;

5, the bubble needs to slice analysis to understand the origin of the ignition point, and take pictures.

The above content is about the PCB circuit board temperature resistance, I believe we have to understand. The PCB circuit board will have some adverse problems in the overheated temperature, so temperature resistance for PCB circuit board of different materials is how much, the need for detailed understanding, does not exceed its maximum temperature limit, so as to avoid the emergence of PCB circuit board scrap, increase the cost of.

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