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        Global Wei Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional PCBA processing factory, provide SMT processing for you, SMT factory, DIP plug-in processing, PCBA welding processing, electronic product assembly processing, foundry material PCBA, OEM circuit board manufacturing, PCBA OEM, SMT size batch proofing, for domestic and foreign electronic products around the PCBA field, specializing in the production of manufacturing services as one of the high-tech service enterprises.
Cooperation model:
1, PCBA processing: customer to provide all electronic components and materials, we provide customers with SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, welding, testing and other services.
2, PCBA circuit board material: OEM customers with product design documents, such as Bill of materials (BOM), Gerber/PCB/ element coordinates file products of special requirements, our materials supply and generation of SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, service after welding process test etc..
Global Wei Technology Co. company has more than 1500 square meters space production workshop, equipped with automatic SMT chip processing 3 YAMAHA production line, DIP plug-in welding and testing, assembly and packaging line, independently from electronic components to welding test, PCBA production of semi-finished products to finished product assembly production shipment process, conforms to the RoHS standard. 78% of the customers are the final products exported to overseas countries, the company is to constantly improve the quality, positive and responsible team, is your trusted as your firm behind the team, Shenzhen, PR Electronics Co. Ltd., and look forward to your cooperation and win-win.
The main processing products include:
Wireless communication series: 3G module, Bluetooth module, wireless business phone motherboard / control board, walkie talkie motherboard;
Medical electronic series: blood pressure meter, MRI motherboard, GCG motherboard, etc.;
Financial electronic series: mobile intelligent terminal, ATM motherboard / control board, POS board, etc.;
Automotive electronics series: On-board motherboard / navigation board, car audio motherboard / control panel, etc.;
Electronic toys series: unmanned aerial vehicle motherboard, children's story board, machine cat and other electronic toys;
Industrial electronic series: Tanker motherboard, Mounter motherboard, industrial automation motherboard, DVR motherboard, CCD\CMOS board, etc..
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